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When will your book be published Tim?
Can't wait anymore.
I really like Guruji's "Yes, that man is some better, okay."
Thanks for sharing.

kathleen Kastner

I love it Tim, so grateful you are writing down this incredible experience, thank you! I will be more inspired to work on the 3rd series tomorrow.


The poet awakens... Drastahu...Jai Tim!

Toi Pua La`a

Aloha Tim, and mahalo for that wonderful story! My love to you and your family.

Lisa Diehl

Couldn't wait that the book be published! I see all the elements being a best seller, plus straight from your heart. Like your asana having full range motion, you are the few men I met who have full range emotion, must be the result of poking through the layer of the veil of emotion body at your young age.
"Would you still teach if Guru Ji's answar was No?"
When i started to take Yoga at age 45, I knew that I was going to teach Yoga. It was like that one plans to become a doctor to go to Medical school. I would teach even the king tell me No. Do I get students or not will be the natural certification process for me?
It is amazing that I can say lots of feelings and impacts Guru Ji had on you and you have on me, same is true for my first Astanga teacher Itay, and Stacy, my current teacher Diana, and Maria, Kathleen, Noah, Laurie, Yevett..... It must be the YOGA that transcend Guru Ji, YOU and many others.
When I first heard from you about the touching the feet in the workshop at Itay's, I thought that it was very not me. Why can't you touch on head, I thought. A year late, I was 1st series teacher training with you, the topic came up again before Thursday- Guru day, I was ready to touch your feet. Not long, I started to teach and have no problem to touch the feet of all my students, they are all my Guru. Your teach training must have opened my heart chakra big time!!!!!!!
Now I open my class to ask student to invite their inner Guru to guide them through the practice at the same time to chant all the Gurus.
I'd like to go to India one day to study and I take class whenever Shrath come in. I will not seek to be certified by him. I am perfectly fine to teach with the paper you give me this life time. To me, the best is when the east meet the west.....
Love for ALL Namaste!


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Make sure you are able to wiggle your toes.”The auditions will be in the [url=http://www.greenmondaymichaelkors.com/Shoulder-Bags-Green-Monday-Wu-83_Skorpios-Zz-62.html]www.greenmondaymichaelkors.com/Shoulder-Bags-Green-Monday-Wu-83_Skorpios-Zz-62.html[/url] form of football trials, which will take place at Garforth Town’s home ground in east Leeds between 10am and 6pm on [url=http://www.greenmondaymichaelkors.com/Shoulder-Bags-Green-Monday-Wu-83_Gia-Dd-47.html]www.greenmondaymichaelkors.com/Shoulder-Bags-Green-Monday-Wu-83_Gia-Dd-47.html[/url] Wednesday. These water pistols are little short of those owned by the police.Getting enough people to show up may require some advertising though, and many outdoor movie companies offer marketing for an additional fee. In addition to gorgeous, activity-filled communities, these top new lake communities in Georgia will offer some of the finest school districts in the state. Find and use golf aids and golf swing aids that help improve your game. But, the more we know, the more we can be pro-active in our own eye care. You can discover about picture taking by simply seeking the web.1.Once the competitors gets fierce, your shoppers are a [url=http://www.greenmondaymichaelkors.com/Shoulder-Bags-Green-Monday-Wu-83_Sloan-Nk-42.html]www.greenmondaymichaelkors.com/Shoulder-Bags-Green-Monday-Wu-83_Sloan-Nk-42.html[/url] lot more most likely to remain with you for the reason that you may have treated them so properly. Those who also have long-term goals can enjoy the possibility of earning income right away as the residual income from other strategies is still taking time to ripen.Seeing tv is directly related to childhood obesity. You can also choose a free website, if you get all the facilities over there.

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